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You Too are a Thing of the Earth

This manuscript is a selection of poetry written over the past three years of living off the land. It is a spiritual dive and a revolutionary call. It details the struggles of humanity as well as our great and profound...

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Just Friends – The Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Male Friendships

Several studies show how the millennials of today are not just twice, but four times more likely to have many opposite sex friends than those from our parents’ generation. Opposite sex friendships are the new normal. We study together, take on the same jobs, play the same sports and do other stuff men do, now more than ever before. Opposite sex friendships, however, do not have a straightforward social ‘script’ and hence they can range from a simple companionship to the more complicated ‘friends with benefits’ relationship. Just Friends’ has been designed for women to enable them to initiate and sustain long-term, fun and meaningful friendships with men.

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Close Encounters of a Disordered Kind: Surviving and Thriving Amidst the Challenges of Alcoholism and Personality Disorders

This book presents the author’s upbringing with a narcissistic mother, and her lifetime of subsequent struggles and triumphs in chaotic interpersonal relationships, which were significantly influenced by alcoholism and challenging personality issues. The narrative takes a well-referenced dive into specific Cluster B personality disorders and their varying manifestations from a layperson’s point of view. The damaging effects of alcohol abuse on the author’s family are detailed, including possible fetal alcohol syndrome/effect, her oldest son’s sociopathy, her youngest son’s death, her daughter’s struggles with bipolar disorder—and her journey to understanding her disproportionate attraction to men who lacked conscience and empathy.

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