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Too many companies do a poor job in pricing and licensing their software-enabled solutions.They need help.

Unfortunately, they can’t find it. The old books on pricing don’t cover the incredible breadth and depth of modern software-enabled solutions. And none of the books on business models, design thinking, UX, or value streams provide direct, actionable guidance on pricing, licensing, and creating a sustainable profit.

To fix this, I am co-authoring a book on software pricing and licensing with Jason Tanner, CEO of Applied Frameworks.

Our book:

  • Fills the gap in the Business Model and Value Proposition Canvas
  • Replaces the old, boring books on pricing with a visually stunning book written for Millennials and Gen Zers
  • Shows how value streams must evolve into Software Profit Streams™

Our book will be successful because:

  • We are serial entrepreneurs – we get stuff done
  • We are prolific authors and educators
  • We are globally recognized experts in Scrum and SAFe (Luke is one of just six principal contributors to SAFe)
  • We investing more than $250K creating a whole product solution that leverages the book including training, certifications, assessments, and a community
  • We will invest a minimum $50K+ in promoting the book

You can find our detailed proposal and a link to the book draft here:

Best Regards,

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SAF® Principal Contributor
Author of Journey of the Software Professional, Beyond Software Architecture, Innovation Games®


You cannot possibly experience the emotional power of a book as gorgeous as this through plain text.

I’ll know you’re the right agent if you take the time to review even just 5 pages of our proposal.

About the Author

Author Name: Luke Hohmann

Luke has been involved with Applied Frameworks since its founding in 2003. He later went on to start Conteneo, a collaboration software company which was acquired by Scaled Agile in 2019. While at Scaled Agile, Luke served as a SAFe® Framework Contributor and Principal Consultant, with significant contributions to multiple SAFe training programs.

He is the author of three books and cited as an inventor on more than a dozen patents. His books include Innovation Games: Creating Breakthrough Products through Collaborative Play (2006), Beyond Software Architecture (2003) and Journey of the Software Professional (1996).

Luke co-organized the first Agile conference in 2003, has served on the Board of the Agile Alliance, and, in partnership with the Scrum Alliance, produced the “Collaboration at Scale” webinar series, the world’s largest monthly webinar. Luke is a highly sought after speaker and has keynoted events such as the Agile Alliance conference, Agile Australia, Lean-Agile Scotland, Agile New Zealand, the Austrian Innovation Forum, the CXPA and multiple SAFe Summits.

Luke is the co-founder of Every Voice Engaged Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit that helps citizens, governments and nonprofit organizations collaboratively solve problems that are unsolvable without civic engagement. EVEF has been a leader in the Participatory Budgeting movement, helping citizens prioritize hundreds of millions of dollars through Budget Games.

Luke graduated magna cum laude with a BSE in computer engineering and an MSE in computer science and engineering from the University of Michigan.

Phone: 408-529-0319
Mailing Address:

599 Dawn Dr
Sunnyvale, CA 94087