Author: Mr. Rodney Paul Williams


My first five books is a series of stories di short. Some are only one line. Others are up to a page. My second series has two books, A Short Story Series 1+2. These are tertiary story books. All are from 90 0/0 fiction to 95 0/0 fiction. I can personally guaranty that in each of those seven you will be entertained and educated by each and every one of them. My right book sits in Page Publishing ‘s office awaiting my agreement to be Published. I too have just five days ago finished my autobiography. My tenth book called Brainstorm in now being worked on, albeit only one third of it’s way to completion.


  1. Imagine them guys thinking I’ll eat a steakhouse burger without California Butter Lettuce. All they put on theirs is Watercress. Yuck.   Once upon a time there was the end.

About the Author

Author Name: Mr. Rodney Paul Williams

Rodney Paul Williams is a honorable discharged veteran of The United States Air Force. Advocate for veterans rights. He is a staunch advocate to correct the inaccuracies of the history of Americans who grew up in America because their ancestors were brought to America in chains prior to, during, and after the War Between The States. His favorite to correct is the first black to play professional baseball in the “white” pro league –  William Edward White- an ex-slave


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