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e-Book Formatting

Submit your manuscript or published book to be formatted for e-book distribution.

E-book publishing services

Ready to self-publish an e-book? You’ve come to the right place. We provide all the pre-production you need to create an exceptional e-book and guide you through the process of uploading your files into various sales channels. Submit your manuscript for a written price guarantee. 

E-book Formatting

The interior layout of your self-published book helps you present your work most professionally. Expert formatting requires a knowledge of how the original document will be rendered out to various reading devices when converted. Incorrectly formatted documents result in a poor reader experience and may cause sales channels such as Amazon to reject your book.  In formatting your e-book, many elements of interior design and sales must be considered, such as style, image size, graphic use, font usage, paragraph spacing, margins and more. In addition, numerous technical specifications must be followed, depending on the type of devices you want to target and the sales channels where you want to sell. While we do not offer full-blown editorial services, we edit to minimize self publishing conversion problems before they occur. We strive to meet or exceed Amazon e-book and Kindle e-book standards and specifications of other e-book vendors. We ensure the underlying interior formatting will function well when converted for various e-reading devices.

Book Cover Design

As the marketplace grows more competitive, an exceptional book cover design is a must-have selling tool for self-published authors and independent presses. As more people read books on smaller screens, new considerations must be made about took cover design. We can price the cover design as part of your book package, or on its own. Standard designs range from $199 to $299, ala carte, or get discounts when you order the full publishing package. Custom designs can run higher Get a Quote

E-Book Conversion

We stand behind our work! Today’s retailers require extremely exacting specifications for print-on-demand and e-books. Many do-it-yourself self publishing tools on the market often do a poor job of conversion to multiple formats, if they even work at all. The process of digital e-book conversion involves complicated underlying programming code that is best customized to the job at hand.

Why Choose Authorlink® for your e-book conversion? We are an approved publisher/aggregator for Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iBooks and Kobo. We offer the newest formats and enhanced audio/video products. Our e-book conversion team has passed rigorous software programming certification for major retailers. We stand behind our work. If there is a technical error in our delivered files, we’ll fix it at no charge, to the extent that current technology allows. What’s more, you get to deal directly with our experts in Dallas, Texas USA, who manage your job from start to finish. We’re hands-on all the way.

Authorlink Book Conversion Portfolio. We have helped more than 200 authors with their e-book and print book conversions.

E-Book Distribution Consultation

Getting your e-books into the most effective sales channels can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new to self-publishing. An author can have many questions, such as:

  • What are the various distribution methods?
  • How can you compare e-book retailers?
  • What are the hidden pitfalls that can hinder the process?
  • How can you clarify potential earnings?
  • Do you really need Amazon or Kindle just because they are big?
  • Why do you need to understand Amazon’s underlying motives before signing an exclusive deal?
  • These and many more questions are answered when you use our e-book conversion or print-on-demand services. Note: Distribution guidance is not available to ala carte clients.

We show you how to easily self-distribute to these major online retailers:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Ingram
  • iBooks Store
  • KOBO

Get a Self Publishing Quote!

It’s quick and easy to send us your files for a written quote.

  1. BEFORE YOU SEND YOUR FILE FOR A QUOTE, check your manuscript for spelling and grammatical errors before you send the file to us. Important! We do not correct these. Make sure you are sending us the final version of your manuscript. Changes after you send us the file can double or triple your costs, once we begin to work on your project. 
  2. Save your file either as a Microsoft Word or PDF file. InDesign files can only be accepted by special permission.
  3.  Fill out the quote form here (link to form) and follow the steps to upload your file. That’s it! We will return your written quote within three to five business days with an estimated delivery date.

Once you have accepted our bid, we will ask for your credit card or Paypal payment. We will return the finished files to you either by regular e-mail or by a large file transfer service suitable for downloading into your computer.

E-Book Price Estimate

We provide custom quotes for each publishing job. However, for your convenience, here is a range of possible fees you will be charged. Note that no work is done without a written quote and your prior written approval.

What is involved in our formatting and conversion of a typical 300-page e-book?

  • Interior formatting (margins, spacing fonts, file type, styling)
  • Cover design (size and pixel specifications)
  • Conversion (programming for ePub2, ePub3, audio encoding, animation, and more)
  • One hour of consulting on distribution
  • Uploading a file to two client publishing accounts
  • Additional services such as scanning older book pages or typing
  • $300-$1800*

*Does not include scanning, typing and proofing. Additional consulting, $60 per hour.

e-Book Formatting

Submit your manuscript or published book to be formatted for e-book distribution.