Deadwood In My Blood: Boone May, Gale Hill, Shotgun Messengers on the Deadwood Stage, and Their Historic Families

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Volume 2 features U.S. Deputy Marshal Boone May, the most famous shotgun messenger working for the Deadwood Stage. He was the protector of Robbers' Roost Station. He was the most feared lawman by road agents on the Deadwood Trail. Historians will be excited to learn about Deadwood's most lethal gunslinger, Boone May, and his family connections to other historical Wild West icons, such as the legendary outlaw Jesse James, and legendary lawman U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves. The author gives first hand family accounts about Boone May and his family. I located a velvet photo album full of cabinet cards and tintypes in the loft of an old barn which are featured in the series. This story is about two pioneer families that produced half of the first "elite eight" guards employed to protect the Deadwood Stage in 1876. Shotgun messengers Gale Hill, Boone May, Jim May, and Bill May had been overlooked for more than a century, according to many historians familiar with early Deadwood. Boone May was undoubtedly the most active shotgun messengers employed by the Black Hills Stage and Express Company, during the height of the Gold Rush.

It's Not About The Time You Do, But The Time You Have

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The ultra-inspirational tale of Lisa Jackson, the fitness-phobe who became a best-selling running author and ultra-marathon runner (she's twice completed the gruelling 56-mile Comrades Marathon). Each chapter will focus on a different life lesson running has taught Lisa, plus the stories of the amazing runners she's befriended during 60-plus marathons. With a super-slow average marathon time of 5h45 - and having come last in four - Lisa dubs herself 'The World's Slowest Marathon Correspondent' in a writing career that's seen her donning fancy dress to cover races in cities as diverse as Jerusalem, Hong Kong and New York.

Sex Without Apology by Beverly Dale

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Even though she thinks her marriage is normal, a young minister’s wife agrees to seek marriage counseling never suspecting that the source of her husband’s unhappiness stems from her sexual ignorance and her never-told history of sexual abuse. Yet, once she hears herself say aloud, “It was only a little abuse” the genie is out of the bottle. This first chapter lays out two of the book’s three significant questions; What is the impact of sexual abuse and ignorance on women’s sexual lives? And, how does religious repression, specifically Christianity, contribute to such wounding?

Lord Jim: The Life of Sir James Brooke, White Rajah of Sarawak by Ross Slotten

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In 1839 James Brooke sailed from England to the Far East in search of adventure. Three years later, by luck and guile, he became the de facto king of northern Borneo. A book about Brooke is timely. During the last few decades, the center of gravity of the world’s economic growth has shifted eastward. By vanquishing piracy along the coast of Borneo, Brooke transformed the region, reducing the danger pirates posed to critical shipping lanes and interisland traffic. His impact on modern Southeast Asian history was as profound as that of Sir Stamford Raffles, the architect of modern Singapore.