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“How good is my novel? What can I do to edit it?”

That is a very good question. If you hope to attract an editor or agent, or even if you are trying to self-publish, you will want to assess the quality of your work.

You will want to know about your story’s plot and structure, whether you are using too many clichés, if your characters are strong, if you have built sufficient suspense and whether the pacing is right. Usually, book editing and copy editing are costly. But there is a way to find out about how well your novel is written. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for an editorial service, you can get a mini-critique at Authorlink®️

A critique service is a little different from a full developmental editorial service. Critique professionals can quickly spot big problems with plot, dialogue, structure, credibility, audience appeal and so on. While a developmental editor delves deeply into correcting major projects, a critique expert provides an excellent guide for what you may or may not be doing that prevents your manuscript from being well-received by editors or agents. A critique can tell you if you are on the right track to reach your target audience.  It can be a vital first step in refining your work for publication.

A written critique by our professional editors can show you what mistakes you are making in a 60-page segment of your manuscript, and suggest ways you can improve. If you are making editing mistakes in those 60 pages, you are likely making the same edit mistakes in the rest of the story.  So, instead of paying for a critique or edit by a book doctor of all 300 or 400 pages of your novel or nonfiction book, you are only paying for a partial read by our experienced edit or critique staff.  And if you want us to offer a critique of edits on your entire manuscript, you can submit as many 60-page increments as you like.

Our professional critique services are easy and fast! Get your work read and critiqued here! Sign up and upload your partial manuscript all online! Pay through our secure site. No printing, mailing, or postage needed. Once your account is established, you can have us critique as many pages as you’d like (in 60-page increments).

Here’s a more detailed definition of the differences between critique and developmental editing:

A literary critique is a detailed evaluation of a piece of writing, hopefully by a well-qualified reviewer. In a careful, analytical read, the reviewer looks at the obvious weaknesses and strengths in a piece. The critic will assess such elements as hook, theme, characterization, motivation, plot, pacing, and use of dialogue. Together, these elements will give the reader an overall impression of the document’s readiness for possible publication. If some story factors are missing or underdeveloped, especially in the first 100 pages or so, there is a good chance the same mistakes occur throughout the entire piece. A critique can sometimes set the author on a better path toward publication, giving him or her an objective view of the work, helping them to overcome blind spots in the writing.

Developmental editing involves actual strengthening or reshaping of the elements that may impair a good story. The developmental editor may add or delete characters, pages, or chapters. He or she might strengthen character motivation, improve dialogue or rearrange plot points, fix or point out bad grammar, reinforce the theme and develop a stronger hook for the entire manuscript.

The Authorlink® Critique Service is for those who want to improve their craft and need professional guidance for their writing. Authorlink® has evaluated thousands of manuscripts through our many years online. Our evaluators are all published authors and experienced teachers. You receive one-on-one, individual guidance via a detailed written e-mail evaluation. Now is the time to get started!

Receive a Critique

Submit your manuscript to receive a critique.