Author: Veeyly Atkins


Based on a true events,Bro James travelled to Yemen to visit one of the converts but that journey made him to write secretly never seen how fellow human being can be so cruel to another bcos of color and to crown it all they are called Slaves the night he witness a fourteen years old Malika been brutally raped by Her owner that she can’t walk her mother with tears had to carry and drag her out of this Mansion through the back door Bro James peep from the window of small apartment given to his convert who is working for this rich family as a chauffeur since that night he up his mind to free thier minds and tell them the truth.


Malika means Queen but in real world of Malika this very beautiful fourteen years old she is a Slave been dishumanized with out anyhope they have been brainwashed that they are slaves she fears when it’s getting dark because sheyik her boss may need her in his splendid bedroom of horror and touture for young Malika as the custom goes the slave owner Can do what ever they deem fit with the Slaves Bro James know that of a truth his visitation was divine and ordained for this special people all his life he thought Slavery has ended during the trans Atlantic slave trade this is just the beginning of writing down in his secret diary.

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