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Hello! I am an author with a book that can help millions. My book is called “Indigo Movement”. This book is geared to help gay men suffering from mental health shortcomings. I have written two stories about two different gay men suffering from ptsd and depression. The demographic is males from 18-35. I wrote the base of the story, a professional ghostwriter polished the book and wrote this book very professionally. I know you will love it. I hope to hear from a very well established publication company. The book is published and ready. I’m seeking a traditional deal. Talk soon!


By: Chris M. Woods 




Jensen Craig Lewis is a good man who loves to do advocacy work for mental health programs in Los Angeles. He talks to teens and college students about his life experience in matters of PTSD.  

“I think you guys should know my personal story. First, if there is anyone who feels overwhelmed with hearing a life story of a gay man, please head to the lounge and watch some television.” Jensen goes on to tell his story. “Well, guys, I won’t hold back any details. Get your tissues,” Jensen said. “I was this quiet, scrawny kid who didn’t like attention. The day I walked in the doors of Premiere High School, my eyes were glued to the front office. I just saw a lot of faces with beards and moustaches. I came from a middle school with boys without any facial hair. The girls at the high school looked like grown women. I just couldn’t get past the big boobs and makeup. I heard a lot of commotion; students were looking for classrooms. Teens in sports clothes looked stressed for not being on the sports fields in time. I was in a dream world that I couldn’t believe.  

“I walked into this class that smelled like cheap perfume; the teacher had on a blouse that was made in the 1930s and had on bright red lipstick. She was writing on the chalk board; she yelled to the students, ‘My name is Mrs Crayter. I will be your science teacher this semester. Please, stand by your desk, and I will call your name, then you can take a seat.’  

“Mrs Crayter called out names one by one. After the second name, she called out Craig Lewis. I just raised my hand. She looked at me with concern.  

“’ Please, remove your jacket. I want to see your button-up shirt.’  



Indigo Movement  


Chris M. Woods  


The entire class looked at me and grinned. This Spanish chick squinted her eyes and smiled. I just waved like an idiot.  

“’ Now, class, please pull out your notebook.’  

“The bell ring was very weird; it sounded like a fire alarm. I just walked out the door. I heard a lot of chatter from kids everywhere. I just walked by the same Spanish girl, and she was telling her friend, ‘Mr. Lotts’s class is down that hallway.’       

“I looked at my schedule and saw his name for my next class.” I thought to myself, ‘Score.’  I walked down the hallway she pointed towards.  

“After Mr Lotts’s class, I was starving. I walked into the cafeteria. There were different sections of food displays. I immediately walked to the pizza line. It smelled incredible. I got a slice of pepperoni pizza. It was similar to the pizza at the mall. I bought three cookies with it. I turned with my tray and looked at the tables; every clique group was in sight: the cheerleaders, the math geeks, the jocks, and also the skater kids. I walked and sat at the empty table. I was hoping to just observe all the kids and see who’s who.  

“The Spanish chick sat down across from me and said, “Are you a sophomore?”  

“I just said, “No, I’m a freshman.”  

“She told me her name was Savanna.  

“I just smiled and said, ‘My name is Jensen.’ We talked, and she told me she was from El Paso, Texas. I told her I was born and raised here in Waco, Texas. She was new, so I was kind of happy she sat here. We talked and compared our old schools to Premier High School. She pointed to this very attractive senior. Well, I think she was a senior from her fully developed breasts and face full of expensive makeup. Savanna just told me how the girl farted right in  her face as she knelt down by her locker. I just looked at her with big eyes, I thought to myself, I bet her boyfriend and admirers wouldn’t like to hear that. I chuckled to myself. So, we just watched her eating salad like some kind of model.  

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Author Name: Chris Woods

I am a budding author with eagerness and drive to listen and learn. I’m from ardmore, ok, i love writing and being creative. This is my first book. I am working on two special books now. Can’t wait to summit all of my work to your company.

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