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Just Friends – The Ultimate Girl's Guide to Male Friendships

February 14, 2017 2:04 pm By Leave your thoughts

Several studies show how the millennials of today are not just twice, but four times more likely to have many opposite sex friends than those from our parents’ generation. Opposite sex friendships are the new normal. We study together, take on the same jobs, play the same sports and do other stuff men do, now more than ever before. Opposite sex friendships, however, do not have a straightforward social ‘script’ and hence they can range from a simple companionship to the more complicated ‘friends with benefits’ relationship. Just Friends’ has been designed for women to enable them to initiate and sustain long-term, fun and meaningful friendships with men.

Miracle Girl: Finding the missing piece

July 25, 2016 9:06 am By Leave your thoughts

Synopsis A life changed forever by rape: pregnant refuses abortion horrific car crash Roxy enrolls in college. Fellow classmate Jason--cute, athletic, the college mascot--who did backflips when they scored--becomes her boyfriend. He wants sex. Roxanne said no. “I almost tore his penis off.” Deans ignore her plea for help. Points Jason out at the fitness center: “Better watch out. He’ll try to rape you.” College president calls. Rox is threatened with expulsion. Roxanne remains a passionate, high-energy woman. She lives live to the fullest. Throughout, she embodies Hemingway’s credo--grace under pressure.


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Using the fictional story of a healthcare technology company, Coppryx, Seven Deadly Sins of Corporate Boards tells the story of a struggling organization with eroding market share and a paralyzed board. Poorly defined roles and responsibilities and constant infighting and conflict prevent the Coppryx board members from properly leading the company. Ron James, the newest director, sees a company rapidly moving towards its own self-destruction and mentors the board to transformation and success.

Letters to No One in Particular- A Discussion and Illustration of Spinoza's 'Fragment'

March 12, 2015 2:29 pm By Leave your thoughts

In the ‘Fragment’ Spinoza states his goal from the outset which is for us to acquire, “the knowledge of the union existing between our mind and the whole of nature.” Please notice that he does not use the word ‘brain’. He asks us to apply his ‘method’ to our own thinking process in order to clarify our thoughts and to select the power resident in our ability to form adequate ideas to recognize the truth of the reality which surrounds our daily lives. He would like us to harness our innate ability to think clearly in order to arrange our lives according to certain principles.

Carb-Free Living; A Diabetic's Decade Long Success Story

June 13, 2014 12:34 am By Leave your thoughts

The book opens by describing how I was told by my diabetic doctor that there were early signs of retinopathy forming in my eyes. This diagnosis could ultimately lead to me losing my eyesight. I was therefore compelled to look at ways in which I could improve my health beyond my doctor’s standard advice. Through doing my own research, I found that there were huge benefits to be gained by following a low-carb diet, and that it could even prevent type 2 diabetes. I adopted this diet myself, and document my experiences and overall results in the decade that followed.