Historical Praise For Our Site


Since 1996, Authorlink® has been an outstanding resource for editors, agents and authors. Through the years, we have earned a reputation for being a reliable source of information for the publishing industry. Our mission is to help writers get published, or to self-publish, and to make important creative connections. Some publishing pros have moved on to other posts while others remain. All have outstanding experience in publishing. We have updated some attributions, and this is only a partial list.

What Editors Have Said

Dan  Slater

Dan Slater

“I peruse your site regularly. You’ve done an incredible job with it. Terrific.”

Dan Slater, Formerly Editor,
New American Library (Penguin Putnam)

Today, Dan Slater oversees Amazon’s Culture of Innovation program as part of AWS’ Digital Innovation team.

Tom Colgan, Vice President, Berkley, Penguin Randomhouse

Thomas J. Colgan

I was particularly impressed with Authorlink. It’s a worthy service which will have a great future.

Thomas J. Colgan, Senior Editor
Berkley Publishing

Now Vice President, Editorial Director at Berkley/Penguin Random House



Lawrence LaRose

Lawrence LaRose

Thanks for turning me on to Authorlink® It is an impressive endeavor and an informative site.

Lawrence LaRose, Former Editor
Random House, Inc.


Author of 17 books 

Venture Literary, Frank Scatoni

Frank Scatoni

“Authorlink is a wonderful resource for anyone involved in the publishing industry. The service it provides for writers, editors, and agents alike is invaluable in this tremendously growing age of media technology.”

Frank Scatoni, Former Assistant Editor
Simon & Schuster

Now a partner in Venture Literary, San Diego, CA

Rose McCormick

Rose McCormick

I am compelled to write you personally and say….Bravo, Bravo, Bravo. I know I’ve been here 2 hours and I have yet to begin. Authorlink is by far the best writer’s site I have visited in quite a while. So much information and so many ads to sort through. Again, thank you.

Rose McCormick, Contributing Editor
Women’s Humor


Frances Vick

Authorlink should be helpful for authors, publishers and for agents. AND it is easy to use.

Frances Vick, Former Editor in chief and founder of
University of North Texas Press


Jessica Faust, President, Bookends Literary Agency

Jessica Faust

Authorlink® is a great resource for editors, authors and agents. I will be sure to take a look frequently.

Jessica Faust, Former Acquisitions Editor
Berkley Publishing

Now owner of Bookends Literary Agency

What Agents Have Said

Michael Bourret

“I think Authorlink is a great site. I know! I visit regularly.”

Michael Bourret, Agent and now Partner
Dystel & Goderich Literary Management

Jeff Kleinman, Folio Management

Jeff Kleinman

I contacted you several weeks ago about some of the writers you showcased. I believe I asked for 3 mss. Although 2 weren’t for me, I’m very enthusiastic about the 3rd, and just wanted to tell you what a splendid service you’re providing — keep up the good work.

Jeff Kleinman
Graybill & English Literary Agency (Now partner in Folio Management)

Wendy Keller

Your site looks fabulous! I am about to start referring people to you from other sites. You’re certainly doing good work.

Wendy Keller
Forthwrite Literary Agency
Now Keller Media, Inc. Marina Del Ray, California

Tom Colgan, Vice President, Berkley, Penguin Randomhouse

Anne Hawkins

Authorlink is a wonderful service to the literary community. I applaud you for your efforts in keeping it interesting and current.

Anne Hawkins
John Hawkins & Associates, New York



Praise from publishing pros

Ashley A. Carroll

Keep up the excellent work on Authorlink — it’s one of my favorite sites to visit.

Ashley A. Carroll, Former Agent
DHS Literary, Inc. (founder David Hale Smith is now with Inkwell Management).



What Authors and Other Publishing Pros Have Said

Charles Sailor, Bestselling Author

Charles Sailor

“As a New York Times and Publishers Weekly bestselling author it is of the utmost importance that my novels are reliably prepared for e-book publication. Doris Booth and her staff are the epitome of excellence. I have had four editions prepared by Authorlink® including one each in Spanish and French. Their work has always been impeccable. I trust Authorlink® with my work, and you can trust them with yours.”

Charles Sailor
New York Times Bestselling Author and Screenwriter
Among his credits: Charlie’s Angels, Kojack, The Rockford Files

Tom Colgan, Vice President, Berkley, Penguin Randomhouse

Edward T. McDougal

I’ve already gotten several responses from your authors who mentioned their material is on the way. I’m impressed with the efficiency of your organization. It must be encouraging to your writers to have requests for their materials handled so efficiently and promptly.

Edward T. McDougal
McDougal Films

Calgary Public Library

Gael Blackhall

Thank you for making quality information available on the Internet. You are making a superlative contribution to electronic publishing!

Gael Blackhall Electronic Resources Calgary Public Library (the sixth most used library system in North America.

Tom Colgan, Vice President, Berkley, Penguin Randomhouse

Charlotte Hoaks

Authorlink is a delightful alternative to conventional communication between writers. Good site. I enjoy it tremendously.

Charlotte Hoaks, Former President
Houston Writers League

Joyce Slayton Mitchell

Joyce Slaton Mitchell 

“I’ve sold over 35 non-fiction books to all kinds of publishers. My record is fifteen years for one book, and on the quick side is FIFTEEN MINUTES when I sold A SPECIAL DELIVERY: MOTHER DAUGHTER LETTERS FROM AFAR through Authorlink. What’s more, Doris Booth always personalizes the process and encourages her writers.”

Joyce Slayton Mitchell, Multi-published Author Writer



Rhett DeVane

Rhett DeVane

I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know I have a book contract pending for the novel, Madhatter’s Guide to Chocolate. I can t express to you how very thankful I am for Authorlink. It has provided an opportunity to share my work!!
Rhett DeVane, Author Writer


Now multi-published! 

Luellen Smiley

Luellen Smiley

Thanks for sending my manuscript to Random House. Though they didn’t accept it after it went to editorial meetings, it helps me know that my manuscript has merit. I think your website is the best vehicle for new authors, and I am grateful for your interest.

Luellen Smiley, Authorlink Writer


Now multi-publlished! 

Margie Lukas

Margie Lukas

I want to thank you for your contest. It’s marvelous and obviously run by professionals. Though I only placed second in mainstream, the same as I placed last year, I now have two novels finished that I feel good about. Again, thank you for the wonderful support and assistance you give to new authors. As hard as it is for new writers to get any sort of a pat on the back while they are struggling, people like you deserve to be canonized.

Authorlink Writer, Margie Lukas


Now multi-published! 

Marci Shimoff

Beverly Merson for Marci Shimoff

What you are doing with Authorlink is very impressive!

Beverly Merson, Project Manager for Marci Shimoff
co-author of the bestseller, “Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul” and other “Chicken Soup” titles


Greta Manville

Greta Manville

Authorlink is such a valuable resource (I believe I’ve said that before), so that we unknowns are not blindly sending manuscripts to people who aren’t interested. The cost of listing is most reasonable compared with the copying and mailing costs plus SASEs otherwise. And I surely appreciate the work you are doing plugging our books in NY and with the newsletter. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful concept. If the books don’t sell, it won’t be for lack of effort on your part!

Greta Manville
Signed with Agent via Authorlink


Nick Battista


I really enjoy the articles and interviews on your web site. They’re rich and deep. They educate. Also wanted you to know that although my novel is no longer posted on Authorlink, in a unique quirk of fate I induced an editor at a major New York house to read the manuscript. I’m sure part of that was due to the good advice I derive from this web site. Thanks again.

Authorlink Writer, Nick Battista



Norman Chastain

I wanted to share my excitement with you. I have just signed an agreement with an agent to represent my Author Showcase listing, BOTTLENECK. I appreciate the insight and advice you offered over Email and at Harriette Austin Writer’s Conference. Please accept my sincere thanks for helping this aspiring writer grow.”

Authorlink Writer Norman Chastain

Jose Monsegur

I’ve been listed with Authorlink since 19 July 2000. Prior to my Authorlink listing the best response I could hope for via U.S. Mail was three weeks. Through Authorlink I have had 94 hits so far. I calculate 282 weeks submission time, minus 11 weeks since initial listing leaves 271 weeks gained. This gives me the equivalent of 5 extra years over using the U.S. Mail. Plus, at approximately $1.50 postage each way for each submission, I have saved $177.00 so far (minus the Authorlink fee). I am encouraged by your newsletter and updates in the publishing business.
Conclusion: The Authorlink way sure beats the do-it-yourself way of contacting publishers and agents — and I sleep better nights knowing that my material is out there, 24 hours a day. Based on just the financial savings, Authorlink can’t be beat. I feel very fortunate to have been accepted for listing in Authorlink.

Authorlink Writer Jose J. Monsegur  

Sylvia J. Cooke

I’ve just signed a contract with a literary agent who found me on Authorlink. What I’m REALLY happy about is that just hours later I learned a major publisher has requested it! Keep your fingers crossed for me. Since you deal with struggling writers I know you know how thrilled I am to have a go-getter agent in my corner at last.

Authorlink Writer Sylvia J. Cooke


Paul A. Ceeney

I was very pleased and surprised to recieve a request for the manuscript so quickly after posting. I had pushed the usual buttons with query letters and sample chapters and received no interest until I found your site. It is clear evidence to me of the benfit to be derived for unpublished writers who use Authorlink.
NOTE: Today I received an offer from an agent to represent Aquarius Rising. It is a breathtaking result considering the book was accepted for representation only eleven days after posting.

Authorlink Writer Paul A Ceeney

Darin Mille

I am very excited. My listing has been with Authorlink for just over a year, and an agent contacted me days after I had punched up my excerpt at renewal time. Without exposure on Authorlink, I certainly would not have made this connection. Incidentally, the same agent also requested a copy of my second novel, Circumvention, which was only recently posted on your website. I will keep you advised as developments occur.

Darin Mille, Author Writer


Susanna Dydiova

Thank you for your letter of welcome to Authorlink — I’m thrilled to be one of your authors. I just wanted to tell you how absolutely FLOORED I am by your service — not only by the speed of your manuscript evaluation (10 days! WOW!), but also the extraordinarily professional manner in which the entire process has been handled. What a tremendous relief to know that my manuscript is in such competent hands. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your speedy efficiency and many thanks for this truely life-saving service for struggling authors.

Susanna Dydiova, University of Frankfurt Medical School


Sally Robbins

I have found Authorlink ‘s directory of literary agents quite useful. It is a great resource. In fact, that is where I located the agent who is now representing me.

Sally Robbins, Authorlink Writer