West Side Love Story

Priscilla Oliveras

Montlake (Amazon)

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet takes on a happier, contemporary Southwestern twist in Priscilla Oliveras’ West Side Love Story. Two rival families–the Capuletas and the Monteros–have feuded for almost a generation. Now circumstances have brought the two warring houses together–on stage–at a hotly contested Battle of the Mariachi Bands competition.

Who says Romeo and Juliet can’t enjoy a happily ever after ….

ER nurse Mariana Capuleta plays trumpet in her adoptive family’s all-girl mariachi band, Las Nubes. Angelo Montero is an accountant who plays guitar in his uncle’s band, Los Reyes. When they accidentally kiss in a bar on New Year’s Eve, sparks fly and their mutual attraction cannot be denied.

Mariana is horrified to discover a few months later that her mystery lover is the nephew of Hugo Montero, a cutthroat real estate developer and noted gentrifier of San Antonio’s West Side. Hugo has held a grudge ever since Mariana’s mother Berta ran off to marry Arturo Capuleta, and Hugo has tried everything to shut down their community center. It looks like Hugo’s golden opportunity has arrived when the Capuletas find themselves behind on their mortgage payments. Winning the Battle of the Mariachi Bands and the prize money will give Mariana and her sisters the funds necessary to save their parents’ livelihood. But will Mariana’s growing attraction to “nice guy” Angelo be discovered and destroy Las Nubes’ chances at winning the competition and saving their home?

West Side Love Story provides ample excitement in the competition of the two rival families and their mariachi bands, as well as quiet touching moments of Mariana and Angelo discovering how they can learn to love and trust each other no matter what their antagonistic family members say. Who says Romeo and Juliet can’t enjoy a happily ever after in sunny San Antonio?

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