If you are looking for a modern thriller full of heroes and villains, Born In A Storm is a wonderful choice.

Following the now famous ‘Tick-Tack’ UFO incident, navy pilot, Lieutenant Mackenzie (Mack) James, encounters another UFO over the Pacific Ocean.

Mack watched as the unknown craft defied the laws of physics, accelerating from a hover to impossible speeds without any discernible power source.

Upon landing back on the aircraft carrier, he is commanded to never reveal what he witnessed. However, his curiosity sets him on a path to discover the source of the power demonstrated by the UFO.

Meanwhile, a young future physicist, Lucas Harding is set on the course of his life’s work when a rogue electrical storm on the waters off Chesapeake Bay caused the death of his father when they were sailing.  Out of that tragedy, young Lucas becomes fascinated with the power of electricity. While the Earth is under threat from climate change due to the heavy use of fossil fuels, Lucas devotes his life’s work with single-minded zeal to harness the enormous power of the universe to provide free energy to a world on the brink of disaster. He teams up with his boyhood friends who have been dreaming of bringing to life the theories of Nicolas Tesla since they sketched out plans in a backyard treehouse.

Under orders from the white house, the CIA threatens the young scientists to cease their work on developing free energy. They are kept under close surveillance until liberated by Mackinze James and his Mossad trained partner, Angelina Cohen. Once free, their globe-hopping adventure begins, keeping several steps ahead of their foes.

While the heroes think they are doing something good for the earth, their opponents have other ideas. The economy of the world and the fortunes of billionaires depend on the continued use and expansion of fossil fuels to keep the balance of world power in their favor.

Carew has developed his tale with multiple points of view nicely woven to keep the reader turning the page to see what unfolds in this high-stakes adventure.

There is plenty of life and death adventure, clever maneuvering, brain versus brawn, in this David versus Goliath epic tale. The characters include deadly CIA assassins. Naïve young scientists. A world-weary naval hero. A couple of warrior princesses. And, of course, an evil empire under the guise of Big Oil and Big Brother.

Mark Carew, author

Mark Carew, author

Born in a Storm concludes with a hint of more to come. The heroes, after all, are not done saving the world.

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