by K. A. Tucker

Atria Paperback

Noah Marshall’s white bread life is thrown into chaos when his mother, Austin Police Chief Jackie Marshall, kills herself. Her last heavy drinking bout gave rise to her final cryptic words: “I need you to know, Abe was a good man.” Now Noah has to find out why Abe Wilkes, his mentor, exemplary cop, and Jackie’s former partner died in a seedy hotel room fourteen years ago together with a notorious drug dealer.

. . . a bittersweet story of burgeoning love, betrayal and redemption . . .

Abe’s wife Dina and daughter Grace fled the scandal in Austin for Arizona and oblivion. A clue left by his mother lands Noah with a bag full of cash and a mission to right a dreadful wrong. Traveling to Tucson, Noah locates Grace, now grown into a beautiful woman, and her mother, a pitiful drug addicted wreck. After a rocky reunion they figure there’s far more to Abe Wilkes’ death than the police reported. Someone high up in officialdom had a grudge against Abe. Noah and Grace face deep betrayal and heartbreak before they uncover the shocking truth.

Keep Her Safe is a bittersweet story of burgeoning love, betrayal and redemption told by a consummate storyteller at a page-turning rate. The characters become as familiar and identifiable as our own friends.