Patricia Cornwell

Thomas & Mercer

NASA scientist and investigator Captain Calli Chase has a serious task on her hands when she investigates the sabotage of a rocket launch. Shadowy tech billionaire Neva Rong is in the frame for causing the crash. Calli’s identical twin sister Carme returns from nowhere and seems to have a separate agenda at the orders of their boss, four-star General Dick Melville, where Rong is concerned. The sisters’ dramatic reunion during a murderous attempt on Calli’s life in the middle of a blinding snowstorm sets the tone for what follows.

a terrific new heroine for the twenty-first century …

As she digs deeper into the rocket crash, the more Calli uncovers about her own life and the direction it’s taking. The children of two geniuses, Calli and Carme are part of a top-secret experiment that began before they were born. When Calli undergoes the tortuous next stage of the experiment, she finds she has powers that enhance her abilities far beyond ordinary humans, abilities she’ll need to tackle Neva Rong’s scheming. Assassination attempts and a troubled but incredibly gifted young boy set Calli in a race against time to a deadly encounter in Earth orbit. Can Calli’s cutting-edge science, skills and sheer human guts avert a disaster that could spell the end of humanity?

Patricia Cornwell has created a terrific new heroine for the twenty-first century in an all-round powerhouse Captain Calli ChaseSpin continues Calli’s adventures from Quantum in a beautifully researched and detailed glimpse into the future.