The Newcomer

Mary Kay Andrews

St. Martin’s Press


Letty Carnahan opened the door to her sister’s expensive New York townhouse to find Tanya dead and the beginning of a whole heap of trouble. Letty suspects Tanya’s vengeful ex-boyfriend, sleazy property tycoon Evan Wingfield, killed her over custody of their daughterNow Letty’s outside the Murmuring Surf motel on Florida’s Gulf Coast with her fractious four-year-old niece Maya in tow, desperately seeking refuge from Evan and the policeTanya left Letty an emergency “go-bag” holding thousands of dollars in cash and a magazine with the motel’s advertisement marked. What drew young, sophisticated Tanya here to this mom-and-pop silver surfer paradise?

a scintillating plot with hugely likable characters …

Motel owner Ava DeCurtis thaws quickly to the newcomers thanks to sweet little Maya, but her son, Detective Joe DeCurtis, is suspiciousA temporary stay turns into a full time job and Letty and Ava soon become friends. Even Joe thaws toward Letty and the attraction between them builds—but an FBI Agent arrives at the Murmuring Surf hot on Letty’s trail. The Feds have some serious issues with Evan Wingfield, and Letty may just be the key to convicting him. It’ll take a lot of nerve and no little danger, but if Letty can follow the Fed’s plan, she and Maya will be free of Wingfield forever. The problem is, Evan and the Feds aren’t the only ones interested in the Murmuring Surf…

The Newcomer is another thoroughly enjoyable novel from Mary Kay Andrews. Sun, sand, and a scintillating plot with hugely likable characters make this the perfect summer read.