Song of the Bones by M. K. Preston

December 15, 2003
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Song of the Bones
A Chantalene Mystery
M. K. Preston

Intrigue Press
December 2003
Hardcover/261 pages
ISBN: 1-890768-54-5
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". . . an outstanding read."

"Preston blends the flavor of rural Oklahoma, lost love, and revenge into a book you will not want to put down . . ."

If you are a fan of the high-tech television crime shows such as CSI, Forensic Files, or Without A Trace, then “Song of the Bones” could seem a little back-woods in its crime approach, but no one can doubt the excellent writing style.




M.K. Preston has crafted an outstanding read in the second of her Chantalene Mystery Series published by Intrigue Press.


Preston blends the flavor of rural Oklahoma, lost love, and revenge into a book you will not want to put down—whether you live in the big city or the American countryside.


Chantalene Morrell, our heroine, is soul-searching to find if she wants to live and die in her boring little town. Yes, she can marry a man she truly loves, but does he offer the excitement she seeks?


During her search, Chantalene helps her friend, Thelma Patterson, uncover a case of mistaken identity and find the truth about a spouse missing for more than 20 years. Chantalene’s saga takes us from Southeastern Oklahoma through the Texas panhandle to the desert of New Mexico. Combining the mysterious past of Thelma’s lost-love, with the mystery surrounding a local hermit, Chantalene, (called Chaticleer by her boyfriend’s ex) learns to survive 30 feet below the earth in an abandoned well, while being stalked by a psychopath.


How she handles these challenges while putting herself through school and working part-time as an income tax assistant makes for an exciting and enjoyable read.

Reviewer: LaMaril Mercier


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