Lessons From a Lifetime of Writing
A Novelist Looks at His Craft
David Morrell

Writers Digest Books
Hardcover/243 pages
ISBN: 1582971439
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"David Morrell… has written another Rambo."

"…a workshop under covers from a prolific and successful novelist."

"…mainstream or any genre, [this book is] for the experienced novelist or the beginner."

David Morrell, author of FIRST BLOOD, has written another Rambo. This Rambo can help a struggling writer build on-target techniques for stronger characters, a bullet-proof structure, a plot that Rambo himself couldn’t punch a hole through, and sure-fire dialogue, while knocking down writer’s block. Then he adds valuable financial advice, strategies on negotiating a contract for the resulting sale and some very original tips on promotion.

This volume is a workshop under covers from a prolific and successful novelist (19 novels, including 9 sold or optioned for Hollywood) and teacher who obviously knows his business. Due in part to a sixteen-year period as Professor of Literature at University of Iowa, he backs up his statements with solid examples and explains complex principles in a deceptively simple narrative style, valuable in mainstream or any genre, for the experienced novelist or the beginner.

Your bookshelf needs this comprehensive reference book, but it will spend more time on your desk than it will in the shelf.

Reviewer: Doris Lakey