First Family
David Baldacci

Grand Central
Hardcover/408 pages
ISBN: 978-0-446-53975-3
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". . . a masterful web of lies and deceit, centered on a timely topic . . ."

When First Lady Jane Cox throws a birthday party at Camp David for niece Willa Dutton–the daughter of her beloved younger brother Tuck– the happy occasion turns deadly. An unknown intruder murders Willa’s mother, Pam, and injures other members of the family, then kidnaps Willa, imprisoning her in a small cell in a remote location.

Meanwhile, Diane Wohl heads for her car after shopping in a local mall. She, too, is kidnapped, drugged, and driven to a deserted area where she is forced to join Willa in the tiny cell. The pair, who have never met, try to figure out why both were abducted, resulting in a close bond.

The nation’s First Lady Jane Cox, believing herself to be above the law, enlists the aid of Former FBI agents Michelle Maxwell and Sean King to help find Willa, never realizing that this will be her undoing. In their investigations, Michelle and Sean (those interesting characters from other Baldacci works) discover the dark side of the First Lady, a side that threatens to destroy her, her family, and the President.

Sean and Michelle, resented by the FBI and Secret Service for interfering in Willa’s kidnap investigation, must use all of their skills to save the girl. But she is not the only one in danger.

Sam Quarry, a 62-year-old plantation owner, mechanical genius and farmer, has a score to settle. He plans to bring down the entire First Family, and anyone who stands in his way—innocent or not. What could have sparked such vehement hatred for the First family, and Sam’s passion to permanently destroy them?

Author David Baldacci reveals the answer through a masterful web of lies and deceit, centered on a timely topic, since all eyes are on the current occupants of the White House. Fans will be captivated by yet another Baldacci tale, all of which, in some way, illuminate the challenges of our contemporary times.