All This I Will Give To You

Dolores Redondo

Amazon Crossing

Novelist Manuel Ortigosa is at home in Madrid when he learns his husband Álvaro has died in a car accident. Somehow Álvaro was in Galicia, several hundred miles away from Barcelona where he should’ve been working for his promotions business. Shock follows shock when Manuel travels to Galicia and discovers Álvaro had a whole secret life. Not just a successful businessman, he was also Marquis of Santo Tomé, the aristocratic title of the old and respected Muñiz de Dávila family, and owner of many winery and property interests – all of which now belong to Manuel.

. . . a modern classic, a superb, hard-to-put-down murder-mystery . . .

From the first something doesn’t add up about the manner of Álvaro’s death. The local authorities pronounced it accidental and closed the book, but a dissenting voice in the shape of newly retired police officer, Lieutenant Nogueira, says otherwise. He convinces Manuel that Álvaro’s death must be investigated. The Muñiz de Dávilas have a long history of getting away with crimes that in any other case would’ve been punished, and Nogueira has his own reasons to see justice done. Helped by Álvaro’s old friend and confessor Father Lucas, Manuel and Nogueira uncover more surprising aspects of Álvaro’s life, leading Manuel to wonder if he truly knew his husband. Suspicion and hostility hover around the family estate of As Grileiras as Manuel closes on the truth – and learns just how far the Muñiz de Dávilas will go to preserve their good name.

All This I Will Give To You is a modern classic, a superb, hard-to-put-down murder-mystery with a beautifully crafted plot and characters whose emotions and situations the reader feels at a visceral level.