The Stem Cell Dilemma:
Beacons of Hope or Harbingers of Doom?
Leo Furcht, MD & William Hoffman


Hardcover/283 pages
ISBN: 1-55970-872-7

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". . . a comprehensive view of all sides of the debate."

The Stem Cell Dilemma: The historical roots and ethical concerns in the stem cell debate.

For those with Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders, as well as many types of cancers, stem cells are seen as the only long-term cure and the way back to a normal life. On the other side of the debate are those who believe life begins at conception—even if that conception occurs in a Petri dish or test tube. As science advances in complexity and sophistication, the questions remain: Should limits be placed on science? How far is too far when human lives are at stake? The Stem Cell Dilemma is a comprehensive view of all sides of the debate.

Dr. Leo Furcht and William Hoffman offer a cogent and broad-based discussion of what stem cells are, what has been achieved in the study and application of them, and what the use of stem cells may help mankind achieve. The authors give a detailed history and unbiased view of the ethics and science behind the current furor over stem cells that is accessible to the layman with no experience or knowledge of science or bioethics.

I found the historical information surprising and thought provoking. Furcht and Hoffman’s ability to keep on neutral ground without resorting to scientific overkill or religious pandering is refreshing. They write with a decisive clarity and poetic facility. The Stem Cell Dilemma does not seek to answer all the questions plaguing this new scientific territory, but it eloquently and honestly paves the way for a better understanding and a more balanced view of what has become a political hot button.

Reviewer: J. M. Cornwell