A Collection of Short Stories
Edited by Dennis Eichison

Dorchester Leisure
June 1, 2003
Trade Paperback/374 pages
ISBN: 0-8439-5077-3
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"In this short story collection, one reader?s horror is another reader?s ho-hum."

". . . crafted in the style of long ago . . ."

Visiting a museum is a unique experience. One visitor may be thrilled by the chance of discovering an obscure treasure hidden amidst the flotsam of the years; another may turn away from the experience, nose twitching at the thought of desiccated, dusty and dead things stored within its walls.



In this short story collection, one reader’s horror is another reader’s ho-hum. Indeed, some exhibits within the walls of this volume may inspire first one, then the other reaction, depending on the reader’s mood and expectations.


Stories range from Fry’s classic ghost story of a mysterious lady, to those of assorted killers–themselves victims of their own obsessions–such as Laymon’s "Hammerhead," Tem’s "Piano Bar Blues," and Somtow’s "Bird Catcher," and to Morton’s sad tale of the undead "Pound Rots" and Straub’s haunting "Perdido."


The unusual crafting of these stories creates a common thread in this collection, while providing the feeling that each was created long ago and often repeated, embellished by succeeding generations. Several are destined to become classics in the genre.

Reviewer: Doris Lakey