Unwritten by Charles Martin Unwritten
Charles Martin

Center Street

May 7, 2013
Hardcover/330 pages
ISBN: 978-14555039574

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". . . a satisfying read . . ."

Katie Quinn, a famous actress, has decided it is time to die. Her dismal life has taken the final wrong turn. Her mentor and spiritual guide, Steady, has other plans. He enlists his other protégé, Sunday, to bring Katie back and demands she live. Sunday is assigned to be her guide and venture with her through her past. They travel from the Florida Everglades to France to relive her joys and sorrows. Deeply wounded, she’s learned to trust no one. She’s been right, except for Sunday. All scars are open and her heart speaks to all that has come before. In a split second, she suspects betrayal and leaves him. He accepts her rejection, but not before leaving her his journal summing up his miserable past. Can the untouched remain so after being exposed to the raw emotion of another? Is life meant to be spent alone, constantly searching for perfect happiness?

This book is not billed as a romance, but has many aspects of one. A hurt heroine and a damaged hero come to together in search of healing. Their journey reveals the secrets known to no one except the inner reaches of the soul. Katie’s quest is particularly painful, yet she moves forward at every dark turn. There’s no classic happy ending, but the feeling that their story together has just begun and continues to unfold after the book ends. The joy in service to others strengthens their bonds and makes life better for those they touch. This is a satisfying read because it doesn’t preach or scold. Just reminds us to be open to all gifts, great and small.

Reviewer: K. T. Sullivan