The Bone Factory
Nate Kenyon

Leisure books
Trade Paperback/320 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8439-6287-1
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"Kenyon gives great horror."

Murder, disappearances and madness in the snowbound forest of Quebec.

Joe Thibodeau searched for the missing little girl, following his instincts and the faint trace of tracks to the silent hydro plant and straight into the lair of a maniac.

After a year of being unemployed, David Pierce has been hired to put the Jackson Hydro plant back on schedule. He moves his little family – Helen and his daughter, Jessie – to Jackson near St. Boudin in Quebec.

The house is amazing, but isolated. The forest is a dark, seemingly impenetrable presence that menaces the house more than a mile from the main road. However, Hydro Development pays the bills and it’s the best deal David has ever had. Jessie and Helen are happy for the first time in months. They don’t need to know about the previous tenants, the mother who went insane after her daughter disappeared into the woods, or the deputy, Joe Thibodeau, who disappeared when he searched for the little girl. Sometimes, it’s not a good idea to look too closely at the gift horse’s mouth. And sometimes, what seems too good to be true is.

Like following the strands of an intricate spider web to the central horror, Nate Kenyon’s latest novel, The Bone Factory, will keep you thinking and on the keen edge of terror. What, at first glance, are unrelated events, Kenyon, connects slowly and methodically until the terrible truth dawns with frightening clarity.

The writing is as sharp as a razor and as clean and fresh as new fallen snow beneath which waits a silent, blood thirsty fiend. Reading The Bone Factory was a slow methodical climb to a dizzying height with a pause before plunging screaming into the abyss. Kenyon gives great horror.


Reviewer: J. M. Cornwell