June 18 – June 25, 2009 Edition

Copyright Center App
Allows Instant Rights Check

DANVERS,MA/Authorlink News/06/15/09–Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) is now offering clients the ability to instantly check the rights status of content against CCC’s Rightsphere database without leaving their content management workflow. Application vendors QUOSA and TDNet have joined Reprints Desk in integrating CCC’s rights advisory and management tool, Rightsphere, directly into their knowledge management applications.

Launched in 2006, the Web-based Rightsphere application allows librarians, researchers and other information professionals to aggregate all of their company’s content rights at a granular level, and provides knowledge workers with instant answers regarding their rights to use and share specific content. Rightsphere has been adopted by global leaders in the pharmaceutical, aerospace and consumer goods industries and is being integrated into applications from leading application vendors in those markets. Some examples include:

TDNet, an innovative information solution company that helps libraries effectively manage and utilize their electronic resources, has integrated Rightsphere into its Library Automation systems, providing

librarians with fast answers to content usage questions about their digital information assets. QUOSA provides the leading literature management workflow solution, specifically designed for the processing and sharing of full-text articles. The QUOSA platform streamlines the acquisition, review, and

analysis of large bodies of scholarly articles, and the better management of search results, imported documents and alerts. Its architecture for sharing articles is uniquely designed for copyright compliance and enterprise-wide ease of use. Content technology and services company, Reprints Desk, helps life sciences companies and other research-intensive enterprises procure, manage and share copyright-protected content like scientific journal articles. Reprints Desk has integrated Rightsphere functionality into its new Mighty Linkout Machine solution launched at SLA in June 2009. Rightsphere was also integrated into Reprints Desk’s STM Document Delivery solution in December 2008.

Lexington MA-based Cubist Pharmaceuticals is among the first customers to implement a complete literature workflow solution, based on its QUOSA literature management platform integrated with Rightsphere. In addition, Cubist uses Reprints Desk for document delivery, which also includes Rightsphere integration.

“Implementation of Rightsphere into the Cubist literature workflow processes will bring full circle the ability to easily access copyright permissions for obtained literature articles,” said A. Amyas Huston, Senior

Manager, Medical Communications, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc. “The integration was very well thought out and will benefit both the Cubist Library Administrator group and colleague end-users.”

“CCC recognizes that Rightsphere customers use a variety of knowledge management workflows and continues to team up with leading developers to integrate Rightsphere functionality directly into users’ favorite applications,” said Charles Pendleton, Director, Product Management, Copyright Clearance Center. “This allows users to maximize their investment in knowledge management applications while ensuring they comply with content management policies and licenses.”

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