South by Southeast by Blair Underwood South by Southeast
Blair Underwood; Tananarive Due & Steven Barnes

Hardcover/372 pages
ISBN: 978-1451650631
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". . . a truly diverse cast of characters . . ."

Everyone’s favorite detective is back! This is the fourth novel in a series featuring actor/detective Tennyson Hardwick (a character that is loosely based on movie actor, Blair Underwood). Not only extremely handsome, but also highly intelligent and a whole lot of fun, there are many fans who would love to see this particular detective up on the big screen.

In this new tale, Tennyson Hardwick is faced with just about everything life can throw his way. Beginning with a part-time actor who has completely lost his box office appeal to the new ‘up and comers’ of Hollywood. (Robert Pattinson, anyone?), readers are brought along on a short trip from Los Angeles to South Beach, and back again.

During this time period, Tennyson becomes interested in the murder investigations of several ‘ladies of the evening’ that no one seems to even care about solving. And while Tennyson finds himself slipping further into that mystery, he also has to deal with issues in his own life. From troubles with his teenage daughter; to getting to know his father again and trying to repair old wounds; to attempting to fight the strong feelings of love he still has for his former girlfriend – Tennyson’s life is anything but calm.

With so much going on, the detective has to put his acting career in the backseat, until he lands a role in a zombie movie directed by an Academy Award-winning director. Things are just starting to look up when the body of his daughter’s old friend, Maria – a working girl from Los Angeles – washes ashore. And as Tennyson tries to make sense of the case, he’s faced with a psychotic killer.

Readers are offered a truly diverse cast of characters in this one; characters you will both love and hate from one page to another. Chela, a teenager with a sordid past; April, Tennyson’s ex-girlfriend; Richard Hardwick, Tennyson's father who’s a retired LAPD Captain with a kind heart but a chip on his shoulder – and many, many more that readers will never forget. This novel is exactly what mystery fans who like that little extra ‘pop’ of humor, are waiting for.

Reviewer: Amy E. Lignor