Every Last Secret

A R Torre

Thomas & Mercer

Cat Winthorpe has it all. William, her gorgeous husband of thirteen years, runs his own highly successful tech company. They have a luxury home in a beautiful gated neighborhood in Palo Alto and a holiday home in Hawaii. Cat is truly the envy of her friends—but then she becomes acquainted with a new friend whose secret envy of her lifestyle has no limits.

a psychological thriller that stays taut and twisted

Dr. Neena Ryder is driven by a fierce desire to move up in the world, no matter what it takes. When William employs her as a motivational expert for his company, Neena and Cat become friends then neighbors. Ever gracious, Cat welcomes Neena and her nice husband Matt to the neighborhood. At first everything seems fine, but then small incidents begin to occur which add up to something not quite right in the new relationship. Neena has William in her sights. She is dangerously jealous of Cat, and she will stop at nothing to have William for herself. When Cat becomes wise to Neena’s scheming, Cat will stop at nothing to hold onto himAs the obsession spirals out of control, the stakes grow higher until it takes on a lethal edge.

In Every Last Secret A R Torre is unafraid to introduce the reader to two unlikable “rich bitch” characters who nevertheless force you to take sides. The frenemy’s passive-aggressive interactions spin into a psychological thriller that stays taut and twisted all the way to the surprising and deeply satisfying end.