Step Ball Change
A Novel
Jeanne Ray

Shaye Areheart Books
May 07, 2002
Hardcover/227 pages
ISBN: 0-609-61003-1

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"… an enthusiastically funny tale …"

"… ends on a happy, sappy note."

Step Ball Change is an enthusiastically funny tale of Caroline, a 62 year old dance instructor with a seemingly perfect marriage and family. The author’s wit and humor relates Caroline’s relationships with her four grown children–all attorneys like their father–and her eloquent sister, Taffy, bringing them to life on the page.






Kay, Caroline’s only daughter, calls and interrupts a rare dinner for two, to announce her engagement to the town’s most eligible bachelor. How will Caroline and Tom ever pay for the high society wedding on a public defender’s income? Another call comes immediately from Taffy, telling of her husbands betrayal and her intent to visit indefinitely. Meanwhile, Caroline’s renovation drama continues. Woodrow, the contractor defies the character of the typical laborer by fixing more than each mess that comes along. Not only is Woodrow an excellent foundation repairman he lends his experience as a wedding planner to Kay, and acts as dog trainer to Stamp, Taffy’s indomitable Terrier.

All’s well that ends well and Step Ball Change ends on a happy, sappy note. Kay’s wedding day finally arrives, and Taffy and Caroline exit stage left–dancing. And Jeanne Ray, best-selling author of Julie and Romeo, has another hit on her hands.

Reviewer: Amy E. Lane