There Goes the Bride
Holly McQueen

Hardcover/407 pages
ISBN: 978-1451660937
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". . .pure heart and a whole lot of laughs."

From word one this book (as all other Holly McQueen titles do), shows how entertaining and humorous it will be for readers. Full of gals who love and hate each other, the story will remind everyone of the special characters that made up “Sex and the City.”

Polly Adkins is a British subject who’s living in New York City, and is about to leave for England in order to get married. Her sister, Bella, is waiting for her arrival with a bit of anxiety, considering she is going to be the wedding planner. In addition, waiting in the wings is Polly’s best friend, Grace. Grace is 28-years old, married and a Mom. What she sees is the fact that she is the oldest gal in her group and she’s anxious for Polly to settle down, have children and join the ‘boring, hum-drum’ world of wife and mother.

Polly, however, is not exactly ‘gung-ho’ to walk down the aisle and actually wants to call the wedding off. But it seems to be impossible, seeing as that both her sister and her friend are determined that she gets married. In fact, they have taken up the mission of getting the bride and groom back together.

This is harder than it looks, seeing as that Bella and Grace love Polly but are definitely not crazy about each other; and their own relationships seem to be more than a little off-kilter. Bella has a boyfriend who is far from perfect, and Grace’s marriage to Charlie is not going well, but she’s trying to hold everything together for the sake of their children.

No matter what her sister or best friend say, Polly doesn’t want to deal with the reasons why she doesn’t want to get married, she just doesn’t. In other words, Polly will not tell them the truth about why the relationship has gone South.

This book deals with almost all women’s issues imaginable. From sisters to friendships to infidelity, and a little dependence on alcohol, the story makes you laugh one minute and cry the next. It is a great deal of fun ‘watching’ Bella and Grace find strengths they didn’t even know they had while butting into Polly’s life – and the conclusion for each woman is filled with pure heart and a whole lot of laughs. Enjoy!

Reviewer: Amy E. Lignor