Doctors and Friends

Kimmery Martin

Berkley Books


Doctors Compton Winfield, Kira Marchand, and Hannah Geier met at med school and became friends for life. Their easy friendship has lasted for years, but none of them anticipate how vital the support of close friends will become. They choose to spend their annual vacation together in Spain, only to find themselves at Ground Zero when the first wave of a global artiovirus pandemic strikes. A highly contagious respiratory illness, the virus can kill a victim within hours.

… a truly remarkable and poignant book …

ER doctor Compton returns to work in New York only to face personal tragedy as the city experiences the worst outbreak in America. San Diego based ob-gyn Hannah has longed for a child of her own. She discovers she’s expecting just as the pandemic hits the city. After hoping so much for a pregnancy Hannah has to pray the artiovirus misses her. Kira’s work as an infectious disease specialist for the CDC turns heartbreaking when she has to face the worst choice a mother can ever make. As friends and loved ones fall sick around them, the doctors’ life-sustaining friendship means everything as it gives them the strength to battle through.

Kimmery Martin’s Doctors and Friends is a truly remarkable and poignant book that resonates with our timesEvery character shines from the page. Written with compassion and sympathy, it’s both anthem and testament to lasting friendship, and to the dedication of doctors on the front line dealing with the consequences—social, political and personal—of a global pandemic.