The Copper Sign
Katia Fox

Amazon Crossing
Trade Paperback/614 pages
ISBN: 978-1611090345
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". . . a novel of thrills, chills, adventure, romance . . ."

This is the first book in a series that was originally published in German in 2006. Amazon Crossing has now taken on the translations and each and every book will be coming out in English in order for all American’s to enjoy.

Ellen was a tomboy. She lived in 12th century and loved working with her father who was a blacksmith. Ellen learned all the skills and talents by her father’s side – even while having to deal with a horrific mother who didn’t seem to like her at all, and a sister who was beyond snooty who believed that it was absolutely disgusting for a girl to act like a boy. One day, Ellen is fetching water for her mother after having been slapped by the woman who is supposed to care for her. Down by the stream, her best friend Simon comes up out of the water and convinces her to head for the blackberries so they can sit in the sun and eat.

Trouble is, when they head for their ‘treat’ they go by a supposedly haunted cabin. Inside, Ellen’s mom is having quite a ‘good time’ with a nobleman. Mom sees Ellen, and the little girl knows she has no choice but to run. If not, Mom will make sure that this is the last day of Ellen’s life.

Dressing as a boy, cutting her hair, Ellen becomes Alan, and sets out on the road. She meets a great many people and ends up in some seriously bad situations until she heads into the big town of Ipswich. There, the past comes to life as she gains a friend, and also becomes the apprentice to a surly man who is hired as the head blacksmith by a close confidante of the King. Boarding a ship to Normandy, Ellen sees the world and becomes an integral part of the ‘team’ for the nobleman. Unfortunately, a young lad who is meaner than her mother could ever think of being ends up learning that Ellen is really a girl and flames erupt.

Ellen has to run, yet again. She has many wolves at her heels as she tries her best to begin her life over and over again – even finding out who her real father is and getting caught in traps that some very real hunters have laid out in front of her.

This is a novel of thrills, chills, adventure, romance, and a look at one tough ‘chick’ who has to make sure that she fights for her very existence through most of the book. American fans will be thrilled that after reading The Copper Sign, they can also look forward to having The Silver Falcon and The Golden Throne as the next translations. A true trio of medieval thrill rides!

Reviewer: Amy E. Lignor