Duck Blood Soup
The Shocking Story of a Real Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Joseph Molea, MD

Trade Paperback/218 pages
ISBN: 0-595-21843-1
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". . . a sordid tale that never raises its head from the sewers."

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It’s an old recipe. Cut a duck’s neck and bleed it into the soup pot. The new version requires medical knowledge from a drug-addled doctor who cannot escape his ghosts or himself.


Dr. Rocky Van Slyke is head surgical resident at a Philadelphia inner city hospital where the dregs of society, medicine and the law meet and mingle. Son of a whoring mother and a military father, Rocky spins his story like a Quentin Tarantino film in short vignettes that careen dizzily at times from past to present and back again.

Long hours, grueling studies, an opportunistic hospital lawyer, and the demons of the present and the past drive Rocky from the arms of pharmaceuticals via Vince, the hospital lawyer, and his own prescription pad into a self-created hell.

Duck Blood Soup by Dr. Joseph Molea is Naked Lunch with a medical sensibility, clean pharmaceutical grade drugs, and a descent into oblivion without the psychedelic dreams. Dr. Molea writes from personal experience and tells a sordid tale that never raises its head from the sewers. Dark, sometimes endlessly whining, and blatantly unforgiving, Duck Blood Soup sheds a glaring operating room light on the lengths a broken soul will go to convince himself that he can climb from the depths of the pit of emotional hell and back into decency with a needle in his arm.
Reviewer: J. M. Cornwell