In murder, things may not always be what they seem.

The Art of Privilege
Carey Green
Rare Bird Books


NYPD Detective Charles Sleetch is called to the scene when high flying Wall Street trader Dave Tanjano and his girlfriend are found murdered. From the get-go it doesn’t look like a robbery-homicide. Katiana Angelska worked as a stripper, and she’d hoped Tanjano was her ticket out of the life. Sleetch is moved by the girl’s story and finds a connection to Thatcher Reed, a prestigious boutique finance company with an insider trading problem. That problem is being investigated by Dylan Cash and his buddy, tech wizard Charles “Binky” Bannister.

Dylan and Binky were brought in by a top Thatcher Reed executive at the recommendation of Dylan’s ex-girlfriend, Erica Lane. Dylan was a hotshot trader at one time. Now he co-owns an art gallery and still likes to dabble on the market. What appears to be a straightforward case of insider trading takes a radical turn when Dylan and Binky uncover links to prominent military-industrial company Paradyne Technologies. A second woman dies and a third goes missing. Dylan, Binky, and Sleetch team up to investigate, and uncover a litany of murder, blackmail, treachery, and corruption. Big money is perpetrating big crimes, and by air, sea and land the powerful people behind it all are prepared to do whatever it takes to cover their tracks…

In Art of PrivilegeGreen brings that authentic gritty touch to a taut thriller with a likable, wise-cracking, and witty hero in Dylan Cash.