Can a journey of self-discovery lead to a bright future?

The Book of Silver Linings
Nan Fischer
Berkley Books

Connie Sparks has a big heart. She finds it hard to say no, whether it’s her free spirited girlfriend Mars’ request for money, unpaid extra work at her law job, or a marriage proposal from her perfect boyfriend, Hayden Whittaker. His antique engagement ring looks good on her finger, but Connie is full of doubts. She comes from a broken home with a jailbird father and a mother conspicuously absent from her life. Add to that Connie’s superstitious nature and Mars’ open dislike for Hayden, and Connie soon doesn’t know which way to turn. Hayden’s secretive about his past, but so is Connie. While researching the history of her ring she comes across the letters of James V. Edwards, a volunteer ambulance driver killed in WW1. James commissioned the ring for his fiancee. Connie senses a kindred soul in James. On the spur of the moment she writes him, explaining her predicament, and leaves the note between the pages of the old records. What she doesn’t expect is to get a reply…

An involuntary attraction to Ellis, handsome son of the animal shelter owner where she volunteers, only confuses things. As Connie’s doubts about Hayden increase, she finds reassurance from the otherworldly correspondence. But a bruising run-in with Hayden’s parents gives her unexpected insights into his past. Along with this insight, a seismic shift in her work life propels Connie in an unexpected direction. With so many things in her life colliding can Connie rely upon her ghostly advisor to help her weather the turbulent present and find love?

The Book of Silver Linings is a perfect blend of mystery and love story that pulls at all the right heartstrings. The reader will cheer on Connie’s journey of self-discovery and reconciliation to her past as she seeks her one true love.