Word Petals

Carla L. Ibanzo

Word Petals offers quick bites of reflection. Most of the reflections are shorter than a page, many just a few lines. Some of the pages are like a prayer, full of gratitude for the blessings of her faith and the strength faith provided through difficult times.

The author wrote most of the reflections during the Covid lockdown, a time of withdrawal from the busyness of life. Ms. Ibanzo, a native of Jamaica, shares with the reader some of her experiences of living in Japan and the many friendships and cultural experiences that enriched her life. She also shares her deep love for Jamaica and its unique and vibrant culture.

Here is an excerpt from a reflection of a missing love:


When the dark days come I’ll pull from my heart
Your tender smile
And the warmth of your eyes

 This small book is written in the style of diary entries and letters sent to a loved one.

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