Two of a Kind, McDonough Two of a Kind
Yona Zeldis McDonough

September 9, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-451239532
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". . . well written, easy to read . . ."

 A perfect day for a wedding! The weather is glorious! A white tent is set up. The gardens surrounding the tent are bursting with beautiful white flowers. The scene is tranquil. The mood is festive.

Family and friends find their places in the tent. The bride walks up with her father. Love is bursting from her eyes as they look at all who have come to share this moment with her and her husband.

A cell phone vibrates. Of all the nerve! Yes, the guests turn to ask the phone’s owner to leave but he is gone faster than they can ask. He is a physician specializing in high risk pregnancies. He takes his job seriously. He also takes true love seriously. He was married once. His wife, Rachel, died of ovarian cancer several years ago. Though he is an OB/GYN and he couldn't save her. Together, they had a son, Oliver. Moving on is hard.

Christina, a friend of the bride, learns that the bride has purposely seated her next to the physician. She is mortified. Her husband had died several years ago. She is raising a beautiful daughter, Jordan, who wants to be a ballerina.

The doctor is Jewish handsome and eligible. Christina is not Jewish, is beautiful and owns her own business. As the story progresses the conflict in beliefs along with how they live their lives and enjoy the small things in life, becomes evident. What begins as a business relationship turns personal. They each have one thing in common: loss.

The doctor’s son, Oliver, becomes lost in who he is and who he wants to be. He is into drugs and skips classes. When he meets Christina, he is able to relax and find something that is truly his passion. For the first time in many years, someone actually understands him when he speaks! She takes him under her wing.

At the same time, the handsome doctor ends up saving Jordan's life. Being a dancer means that she works hard to keep her place. She has won a part in a performance. What an honor! The night of the performance she goes to the performance hall and prepared. She had been coughing for a few days now. Her neck had been aching. She didn't want to stop the performance. She HAD to go on!

The doctor learns of her condition and rushed to the performance hall. She is taken by ambulance to the hospital where she is diagnosed with meningitis.

So you see, both Christina and the doctor saved the one thing that is most important to the other—a child. In so doing, they rediscover the ability to trust.

This book is about how one’s family and friends may be there to love and support but, if a person does not listen, they may miss out on the most important thing in life–happiness.

Two of a Kind is a well written, easy to read book. I highly recommend it! Pick up a copy today!

Reviewer: Judy Peterson