A Stranger at the Door

Jason Pinter

Thomas & Mercer

After their harrowing adventures in Hide Away, police consultant Rachel Marin and her young family are settled in the city of Ashby. Her romance with Detective John Serrano is growing by the day, and although she’s concerned by her teenage son Eric’s behavior, Rachel believes she’s left their traumatic past behind. One evening she gets an email from Eric’s social studies teacher alluding to some students’ inappropriate activities. It seems odd but nothing more—until the teacher is killed in a spectacularly brutal manner.

…a gripping suspense thriller that never lets up the pace.

The murder investigation uncovers a connection between the troubled students and a shady local business tycoon, Bennett Brice, yet everything seems legitimate. Rachel is threatened with legal action if she continues to pry into Brice’s affairs, but she can’t help it: Eric’s gotten involved in Brice’s business, and he refuses to confide in her. When a face from her past returns to Rachel’s life, things take a serious turn for the worse. Threatened with exposure of her own past, Rachel learns of some very violent men connected to Brice, determined to keep their secrets at any cost. When the men get a frightened teenager in their sights Rachel must risk all to save him—and the killers will soon find out just how dangerous a mother’s love for her children can make her.

A Stranger at the Door sees the welcome return of Rachel Marin in a gripping suspense thriller that never lets up the pace. Pinter crafts authentic characters with compassion, flaws and virtues that inhabit a believable world the reader will look forward to visiting again.