Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson

Her Every Fear
Peter Swanson

William Morrow

Kate Priddy agrees to a six month apartment exchange with a cousin she’s never met, swapping her cozy flat in London for Corbin Dell’s enormous place in Boston.

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“. . . a compelling tale of murder and deception. . .”

The deal suits them both. Corbin has a work assignment in London. Kate needs to make a fresh start after a traumatic experience left her dealing with mental illness. No sooner has Kate moved into the block on Bury Street than the place is in uproar. Audrey Marshall is discovered brutally murdered in the neighboring apartment. Kate’s morbid mindset immediately makes her suspect Corbin – but is she leaping to conclusions? 

Fellow resident Alan Cherney knows a lot about Audrey and Corbin. Kate’s immediate attraction to Alan does little to quell her concern. Is he a creep, the murderer, or just a man who falls hopelessly in love? She finds clues to Corbin’s relationship with the murdered woman. Jack Ludovico, a man claiming to be an old friend of Audrey, suggests Corbin had a motive for killing her. Corbin is evasive when she contacts him online, and the police are treating him as their prime suspect. A number of mysterious incidents in the apartment make Kate feel as if she’s losing her mind again. Could it be the killer isn’t done with Bury Street? What is the connection to Corbin, the cousin she doesn’t really know? When the murderer is revealed in the shocking conclusion, Kate has to face her every fear. 

In Her Every Fear, Swanson creates a compelling tale of murder and deception that keeps the reader turning pages. Kate is a sympathetic heroine who has seen too much, but rises above it.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews