Pretty Revenge by Emily Liebert

Pretty Revenge by Emily Liebert

August 28, 2019
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Pretty Revenge

Emily Liebert

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Twelve year old Kerrie O’Malley always admired the girl across the road, seventeen year old Jordan Butler. She seemed too beautiful and sophisticated for their Connecticut hometown. One evening Kerrie witnessed the dark side of Jordan’s life, and when Jordan fled her home that night Kerrie gave her refuge. The next morning Kerrie’s life was in ruins and Jordan had fled yet again.

. . . an elegant modern take on the age-old themes of betrayal, vengeance and their consequences.

Eighteen years later Kerrie’s humdrum life is overturned when she sees Jordan on a TV show. Now she’s Jordana Pierson, owner of a luxury wedding concierge business and inhabitant of New York’s high society. Infuriated by the injustice of it all, Kerrie forms a plan of revenge. Years have passed and her appearance has changed since Jordan knew her. As Olivia Lewis, Kerrie moves to New York City and succeeds in finding a place as Jordana’s aide, and, unexpectedly, a satisfying new life. With the help of her new friend Sara, hotshot journalist-turned-mom, Olivia begins to wreck Jordana’s life from within, but her scheme threatens to come unstuck when she finds herself falling in love with one of Jordana’s clients, upmarket nice guy William Blunt. Revenge is sweet—but if Olivia’s plan succeeds, she may hurt William.

Pretty Revenge is an elegant modern take on the age-old themes of betrayal, vengeance and their consequences. Kerrie/Olivia, Jordana, William and Sara are fully realized characters who totally inhabit their world in this gripping page-turner by Emily Liebert.

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