Lady Jasmine
Victoria Christopher Murray

Trade Paperback/400 pages
ISBN: 9781416589174
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". . .dramatic and hilarious . . ."

Best-selling Christian author Victoria Christopher Murray in the novel Lady Jasmine once again focuses on the much loved and hated Jasmine Larson Bush, a woman whose life of darkness and lies shines bright at the City of Lights at Riverside Church.

This is the fourth in a series about the scandalous Jasmine, first introduced to readers in Temptation. Jasmine also entices readers in A Sin and a Shame and Too Little, Too Late. Murray’s take on a woman who dances with the devil to get what she wants – even though she is married to a man of the cloth – takes the reader’s idea of Sunday mornings to another level. In Lady Jasmine, the main character once again has a secret her pastor husband must not find out. She lies about a beautiful child who is hers but not his. Pastor Hosea Bush has forgiven Jasmine for many things, but it is those lies that remind him that his wife is capable of anything, which is why the latest secret in Jasmine’s past must not be revealed, especially during a family tragedy that heavily relies on faith and trust.

When her husband is called to lead City of Lights in the midst of misfortune, Jasmine becomes the new first lady of the church and plays it to the hilt–until some suspicious, threatening letters cause Jasmine’s wheels of lies to spin once again. I found Lady Jasmine to be dramatic and hilarious as Jasmine tries to cover one lie with another all for the sake of ego and pride.

Lady Jasmine hints at the possibility of another book to the saga. It teaches us that it is best to be honest with your past, as what is done in the dark soon comes to light. Lady Jasmine shows us how bright those lights can shine.
Reviewer: Lisa D. DeNeal