by Laura Heffernan

Kensington Publishing

Jen Reid and Justin Taylor, stars of the reality TV show The Fishbowl, met on set and fell in love in spite of all life – and showbiz – could throw at them. Now they live in Florida where Jen dreams of a Kate Middleton-style fairy tale wedding to Justin, but such things are expensive. She and Justin have to find money to run her bakery and pay off his law school debts. They think they’re set for a normal life together, but showbiz isn’t done with them yet.

Out of the blue, they’re contacted by the network who want to take their on-screen relationship to the next level – a televised wedding. In Justin’s case the offer comes with a sting in its tail. His law firm wants him to do the deal or be fired. Jen and Justin have to make a decision. One simple “I do” brings them job security, a fabulous wedding, and business for Jen’s bakery. The alternative is unemployment for Justin and financial uncertainty for them both. 

They decide to trick the network by marrying at the courthouse. After that, they make a pact to take the offer on their terms. Whatever happens, both are merely acting the part for the cameras, but devious show-runners and the manufactured drama of TV can’t compete with real life. A shocking revelation threatens everything Jen and Justin worked for. Can they find a solution to their dilemma in time?

Reality Wedding continues the misadventures of Jen and Justin’s romance mixed with screwball comedy in a cocktail of humor that will satisfy the thirst of  rom-com fans.