Met Her Match

Jude Devereaux

Mira Books

Summer Hill, Virginia, is like any small town—full of gossip, often vicious. Terri Rayburn knows this all too well, being subject to it her entire life. Her mother disappeared when Terri was very young, supposedly abandoning husband and child in pursuit of a man. Terri herself grew up to acquire an entirely undeserved reputation for loose living, but gossips never let truth get in the way of a juicy story. Rather than deal with the pettiness, Terri throws herself into running the summer resort of Lake Kissel on the outskirts of town. When she returns home one day to find a handsome stranger in her home, Terri suspects someone is matchmaking. Nate Taggart is everything she wants in a man, but he’s engaged to Stacy, the daughter of Summer Hill’s mayor, which makes him forbidden fruit in Terri’s eyes.

. . . an enjoyable romantic read with a definite twist . . .

Nate falls for Terri in a big way. She’s smart, strong and beautiful—everything he looks for in a woman—yet he’s also aware of the gossip about her in town. Wondering which is the true Terri, Nate investigates, although Terri herself is reluctant to unearth old secrets. Their growing friendship and Nate’s determination to investigate her past threatens his engagement to Stacy, and the gossiping tongues wag even more. When he uncovers the truth about what happened to Terri’s mom all those years ago, matters take a decidedly serious turn. Will that truth unite Terri and Nate–or drive them apart forever?

Met Her Match is an enjoyable romantic read with a definite twist in the tale. Devereaux handles the characters and the interrelations between town and resort with a deft touch.