Lifetime by Liza Marklund Lifetime
Liza Marklund

Emily Bestler Books


April 9, 2013

384 pages
ISBN: 978-1451606973

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". . . the reader has a lot to keep up with."

A character that has grown popular all over the world – Annika Bengtzon comes back to prove she is the hard-headed, dedicated reporter who will solve a crime no matter what it takes, in LIFETIME by Liza Marklund.

In Stockholm, Sweden, Police Officer Nina Hoffman is at work on patrol when she’s sent to a crime scene after receiving a call stating shots were fired. Nina and her partner are on their way when she suddenly realizes that the address is familiar. When they enter, they find the victim, a policeman by the name of David Lindholm. The officer has been shot through the head and stomach, and his wife, Julia, is lying beside him in shock.

Julia tells the others a woman had come into the house, killed David and escaped with their young son. Julia sticks to her story, swearing the mystery woman was there, but when all the evidence is collected, her tale simply doesn’t pan out and Julia becomes suspect number one.

Enter crime reporter, Annika Bengtzon. A great nose for news, she hears about the crime and wants to investigate. Being well known to both Nina and Julia, who’s the suspected killer, Annika decides to delve into this odd tale in order to make sure that the right person is arrested for the crime. Annika believes in her soul that Julia is innocent and is about to be charged for her husband’s murder.

So who is the mystery woman Julia claims was most definitely the killer? Well, with Nina and Annika hot on her vaporous trail, fans know they will not stop until the ghost is captured and Julia goes free.

A times the stories between these three women sometimes get a bit over the top, but that’s probably because of the translation roadblocks that can occur. Nina is, of course, that in-your-face cop who will not back down; Julia is understandably mixed up, and heartbroken seeing as that her husband is dead and her child is missing; and Annika is beyond impulsive, like that die-hard reporter who simply won’t give up no matter how she angers the people who get in her way. She slams head first into everything without thinking. But in her defense, her life is falling apart by the moment, so the reader has a lot to keep up with.

Reviewer: Amy E. Lignor