The Other Mrs.

Mary Kubica

Park Row Books

A fresh start. That’s what Dr. Sadie and Professor Will Foust look for when they move their family from Chicago to an island community off the coast of Maine. Sadie suffered an incident with a patient that would’ve resulted in disciplinary action had she not resigned. Will had an affair for which Sadie hasn’t entirely forgiven him. Their oldest son, Otto, endured bullying at school. Only little Tate with his obsession for LEGO bricks seems fine. Aside from inheriting Will’s Goth niece, sixteen year old Imogen, and his sister Alice’s house after her suicide, life on the island looks good—until neighbor Morgan Baines is murdered.

. . . a tight psychological thriller . . .

The island hasn’t seen a murder since the 1980s. The whole community is shocked, and suspicion falls on the new family in town. Sadie robustly denies any involvement—until she realizes a few things don’t add up. Will seems to have known Morgan, but he denies it. Imogen is resolutely hostile toward her to the point Sadie fears being alone with the girl. Even Otto and Tate begin to act strangely around her. With the local cops taking an interest in the Foust family, Sadie decides to investigate the murder herself. As the winter weather closes in on the island what Sadie finds leads to a life or death encounter that shakes the whole family to its core.

The Other Mrs. is a tight psychological thriller of the kind Mary Kubica does best. The plot is full of twists and turns that leave the reader guessing until the end—and the denouement comes as a genuine shock.