Ember Island by Kimberly Freeman Ember Island
Kimberly Freeman

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“. . . good addition to anyone’s must read list.”

Nina Jones owns the house on Ember Island once occupied by her great-grandmother. The house, an abandoned whale watching business, was in need of repair from recent heavy storms that hit the Island.

Nina traveled to Ember Island to claim and prepare the house to sell. She gave herself a week to hire a carpenter, do some writing and get back to Sydney. However, the discovery of excerpts of her great-grandmother’s diary caused a change in plans. Days turned into months as Nina uncovered years of family secrets in the walls and floor boards of the house. To what lengths will an author go to retell a story?

In Ember Island, Kimberly Freeman artfully illustrates Nina’s family history and journey to Ember Island as she entwines Nina, a dried-up writer, her great-grandmother’s story of old and the man seeking a role in her future. Ember Island is a good addition to anyone’s must read list.

Reviewer: Tammy L. Sanchez, MPW; Freelance Writer