Tomorrow War by J. L. Bourne

Tomorrow War
J. L. Bourne

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An American covert cyber-attack against Syria turns out to be a catastrophic mistake. The virus loosed into the communications network escapes and mutates, bringing down not only the target system but  the entire world’s computers.

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“. . . those who like near-future “what if” stories with a realistic twist.”

Soon civilization teeters on the brink of disaster. In the United States banks close and nuclear plants go into meltdown while neighbor turns against neighbor in the fight for food and fuel. Law and order takes on a vicious edge that ignores the Constitution. Survivalists, long prepared for such an eventuality, find themselves expressly targeted by the new regime. In the middle of it all is Max, one of the two covert agents responsible for releasing the virus.

Warned by a fellow agent of the consequences to their mission, Max takes steps to protect himself and his family. Going off the reservation with a selection of special gear, he figures he can wait out the coming storm in safety. Events prove otherwise. Faced with a dramatic change to the country he loves, Max must find friends and allies in order to take the fight to a new enemy.

J. L. Bourne’s military experience gives Tomorrow War an edge that’s hard to beat. He crafts a thought-provoking narrative told from a first-person perspective that gives an immediacy to the events in which the hero finds himself. Max is a complex character who develops as the story unfolds. A novel for those who like near-future “what if” stories with a realistic twist.


Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews