No Sanctuary
Richard Laymon

Dorchester Publishing Co.
July, 2003
Trade Paperback/333 pages
ISBN: 0843951036
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"Laymon fills every page with dread and horror."

"A sadistic serial killer . . .two lovers camp out alone in a forest. "

"The reader may not feel safe until the last page."

A sadistic serial killer leaves a trail of dead women across several states. Though he is extremely well-hidden and meticulous in his precautions to leave no clues for the police, justice finds him through Gillian, a young woman with an unusual fetish: she thrills to the dangers of breaking into vacant houses to enjoy their luxuries and is equally careful to leave behind no trace leading to her identification.



Meanwhile, in a separate story line destined to intersect the killer''s path, two lovers camp out alone in a forest: Bert, a fearless wilderness aficionado, and her lover, Rick, who tries to embrace Bert''s favorite hobby in spite of his own haunting childhood memories of a nightmarish camping experience. Though he visualizes horrific dangers at every turn in the deserted parkland, Rick keeps his fears to himself until they become a reality.


When the killer returns home unexpectedly and finds Gillian there, her game is suddenly a life or death struggle as, to avoid leaving any trace evidence of violence in his own home, he transports her to a distant forest to murder her.


Most of the book builds to the point where the killer comes across the couple; the actual encounter seems rushed by comparison and less satisfying than it could be. However, Laymon fills every page with dread and horror. The reader may not feel safe until the last page.
Reviewer: Doris Lakey