Art in the Blood by Bonnie MacBird

Art in the Blood
Bonnie MacBird
Collins Crime Club


London, winter, 1888. A desperate call for help from Mrs. Hudson brings newlywed Dr. Watson to Sherlock Holmes’ side once more.  

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“Recommended for all lovers of Sherlock Holmes’ exploits.”

Watson finds his friend deep in a cocaine-induced funk caused by his failures in the Ripper investigation, and nothing Watson attempts can rouse him. He despairs of lifting Holmes from his dangerous state of depression, knowing from experience only the stimulus of a new case can help. 

An intriguing coded message from Paris stirs Holmes into action, sending him and his trusty companion to France and a secret rendezvous with a beautiful cabaret singer. Her illegitimate child by a notorious English Earl is missing, and she herself has been threatened. Holmes senses a connection with his brother Mycroft’s request that he recover a stolen work of classic art. The Winged Victory, the ownership of which is disputed by Britain, France and Greece, was stolen in Marseilles during a murderous raid. The trail of the missing child and the statue leads Holmes and Watson to the snowy wilds of the County of Lancashire in England. An encounter with the devious art-collecting Earl and his household offers tantalizing clues, but matters take a deeply sinister turn when a connection is made to four murdered children found nearby. As events unfold Holmes and Watson find themselves in deadly danger from a ruthless adversary. Can they recover the missing boy, expose the perpetrator and ensure justice is done? 

In Art in the Blood, Bonnie MacBird has achieved the rare distinction of writing a “missing Sherlock Holmes” story that actually reads like Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle’s work. Although there are a couple of minor lapses into modern American speech rather than 1880’s English, these don’t detract from the period atmosphere. Recommended for all lovers of Sherlock Holmes’ exploits.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews