Authorlink® is now offering indy authors the opportunity to get a professional book review for less than other book review websites.

As a self-published or unpublished author, you may ask where you can find a professional to review your novel. It can be tough to attract interest in your book or manuscript. One good way to get noticed is by having a positive professional review of your book or manuscript.

For the first time, Authorlink® is opening its professional reviews to indy authors in a special section for independently published writers. Our site features bestselling authors from major publishing houses. But now you, too can purchase a professional review for $199–less than other major review websites. Use the assessment to promote your work to editors, agents, and influencers. Books of up to 300 pages or manuscripts of up to 80,000 words are accepted for a fee-based review. For larger work, email us for an estimate.

Several websites offer paid reviews, but experience level varies. We have more than 6500 book reviews and interviews on our website from major publishing houses.

We cannot guarantee a positive paid review, but you can choose to publish the comments in a special section on our site at no charge, and link the review to your website, use it in your promotional materials, or keep our comments strictly private. You can also elect to have your review listed in a special indy section on our site.

See details here: Review My Novel:New Indy Service