An exclusive Authorlink VIDEO Interview With Stacey Barney
Children’s Editor, G.P. Putnam/Penguin Group USA
September 2007



BookFlix (Video)

New York Editor Stacey Barney offers writers
valuable insights about publishing in this exclusive Authorlink VIDEO interview.

Stacey Barney, an editor at Putnam Books for Young Readers, has held posts in both adult and children’s book publishing. She has worked with such talented writers as Chris Abani and William Henry Lewis. She has also published LA Times bestselling author Tamara T. Gregory’s Passport Diaries as well as Denver Post bestselling author Gilbert Tuhabonye’s This Voice in My Heart. Before coming onboard Putnam’s team, she worked at Dafina/Kensington, where she launched a Young Adult list with such titles as Drama High, So Not the Drama, Boy Shopping, and Perry Skky Jr., the spin-off to bestseller Christian teen series Payton Skky. Check out Stacey’s classes in the Authorlink Virtual Classroom. Creating a Novel a Publisher Will Buy begins September 15, 2007. Space is limited! Enroll now! This course includes one-on-one private instruction with Stacey.

–Doris Booth

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