The Butterfly's Daughter by Mary Alice Monroe
The Butterfly's Daughter
(Gallery Books, May 2011)





























Mary Alice Monroe, New York Times Bestselling Author
Mary Alice Monroe
NY Times Bestselling Author




Exclusive Authorlink AUDIO and VIDEO Interviews with New York
Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe on her latest work, The Butterfly's Daughter
June 2011 Authorlink Edition

Video highlights from Mary Alice's appearance
at the very noisy Barnes & Noble
Lincoln Park, Dallas. TX


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New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe once again captures readers' hearts with her unique ability to celebrate both the complexities of the human psyche and the splendor of nature.

In The Butterfly's Journey (Gallery Books, May 2011) Mary Alice's main character, Luz (meaning light) follows the path of the monarch butterfly from the Northeast to their winter home in Mexico on her quest to find the truth about her family–and herself.

Luz's grandmother–who raised her granddaughter on stories about mythical Aztec goddesses–had hoped to make the trip with the younger woman back to their ancestral home. But upon her passing, Luz felt compelled to make the trip on her own in honor of her abuela.

As Mary Alice describes the book, Luz "must go into the darkness in order to experience the miracle of transformation"– much like the caterpillar endures the quiet dark cocoon before emerging as a butterfly.

We caught up with Mary Alice Monroe on a multi-city book tour when she stopped at the noisy Barnes & Noble Lincoln Park in Dallas. We later talked with her in a quieter setting. The author of bestselling novels TIME IS A RIVER and LAST LIGHT OVER CAROLINA, this lyrical author explores the lives of women struggling to find their inner strength and of the power that lies within each of us to emerge from darkness.

She encourages writers struggling to break into publishing to "keep faith in your words" and to "see your success."

–Doris Booth